The chamber has represented itself on the following capacity at the government and local administration level:

1. Member, Nepal Government, Town Development Committee.
2. Member, Nepal Government, Land & Building Valuation Committee.
3. Member, Nepal Government, District Fund Raising Committees for Natural Disaster Relief.
4. Coordinator, Nepal Government, One Village one Product Execution Committee, Chitwan
5. Coordinator, Youth Self-employment and small enterprise development committee, Chitwan
6. Member, Management Committee, Bal Kumari College (Public College) Narayangarh.
7. Member, Management Committee SaptaGandaki Multiple Campus (Public College), Bharatpur.
8. Chairman, Management Committee, BalKumari English School.
9. Member, Management Committee, Girls Campus, Bharatpur.
10. Member, National Sport Council, District Branch, Chitwan.
11. Member, Devghat Area Development Committee.
12. Member, District Agriculture Committee.
13. Member, Tourism Board, Chitwan.
14. Member, Bharatpur Hospital Management Committee, Chitwan.
15. Member, Cancer Sewa Samaj, BPKMCH
16. Member, Bharatpur Drinking Water Management Board
17. Member, Observation and supervision Committee, District Administration Office.
18. Member, Nepal NetraJyoti Sangh, Chitwan
19. Member, Child Welfare Committee, Chitwan
20. Member, Community service Centre, Chitwan
21. Member, Agri-Enterprise Centre, Chitwan

Representation In FNCCI central committee and FNCCI Province 3 Committee:

1. Dr. Til Chandra Bhattrai, Executive Board Member, FNCCI
2. Mr. Kalyan Joshi, Executive Board Member, FNCCI
3. Mr. Rajan Gautam, Vice-President, FNCCI Province 3 Executive Committee